🙂 80 visited countries
😦 115 not yet visited

Welcome to my personal travel website. In my picture gallery (which will be updated after each trip) you can find impressions of my journeys and a few interesting facts about traveling. Until 2019, I only shot pics with my iPhone, nowadays, I always have my Canon 750D with me to take more impressive pics. Matching to my motto “Study. Travel. Everywhere” I own a math tutorial website too: www.mathbooster.de

As you can see, traveling the world is one of my biggest passions. I still have the ambitious goal to visit more than a hundred countries in total within the next years. Additionally, I teach math beside my main profession. Here are a few facts about both websites:

A math website customized for German students graduating their A-Level (Gymnasium/ FOS/ BOS Oberstufe). Over 700 tutorials explaining the content by means of many exercises are on Youtube online. Every chapter (11th-13th grade) is summarized in a PDF-File – always with the claim “as easy and understandable as possible”. With this PDF, math turns into a child’s play. For more information have a look on mathbooster.de or
YouTube/Facebook “mathbooster”.

A travel website containing all my pictures I took the past years during my vacations. Only since 2019 I have a camera (Canon 750D) with me – every pic before was shot with my iPhone
(that leads to a few pictures which don’t have the best quality) . So far, I explored over 70 countries whereas the intensity varied. My picture gallery contains 8 categories in which I upload all my pics. Unfortunalety, I haven’t had the time yet to write blogs about the trips I made.

In my Insta Profile (“patrick__slr”) I combine both – traveling and mathbooster – to show everyone that studying and vacation at the same time is possible very easily.

That’s it for now 🙂
Enjoy the pictures and don’t hesitate to ask me anything you want to know (whether you have any questions about the countries I visited or maybe your upcoming vacation) 🙂
PS: Most of the pictures were shot between 2015 and now.